1) What is a booking fee?

- The $50 booking fee reserves your session date and time, and is paid upon booking.

The booking fee for weddings and large events varies, and depends on the customized package.

Booking fees are nonrefundable, and are separate from the session fee.


3) Can a session be rescheduled?

- Yes. Sessions can be rescheduled. Life happens and we understand.


4) When do I pay the Session Fee?

- Session fees are due the day of your session.


7) How many images will be in my gallery?

- We strive for quality over quantity, and never limit a session to a specific number of images.


1) Do I have to sign a Client Agreement at my session?

- Yes. Each client is required to sign a Client Agreement the day of the session.


8) What is a Print Release?

- A print release is a document from Lamkin Photo that it gives someone permission to reproduce our

images for their own personal use.

Personal use is the key term here. If a client wanted to make prints, canvases, albums, t-shirts, etc.


You CAN:

- Post them on all forms of social media.

- Print an unlimited amount of them in any form (photo, canvas, album, t-shirt, etc.) .

- Share them with your family so they can do the same!



- Edit or alter the images in any way, including cropping and filters.

- Claim the work as your own.

- Use them for commercial gain.




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